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OUR TRAINING COURSES  "Very insightful, different way of approaching issues and to communicate with clients. Focus on core skills gave me ideas on how to approach matters  on a personal level rather than limited to the law." 

FLiP Faculty Training 
Our wide range of courses gives you a unique insight into the way you work and the manner in which you support your clients. They are designed to give you the tools to deliver an even better service to your clients and enhance your reputation as a family lawyer. 
Our courses are developed by experienced practitioners in their field of expertise, meaning that they deliver practical knowledge and examples based on years of delivering their services. 
We provide public courses that can be booked online today. In addition these courses can be delivered “in-house” to your teams. 
Please contact us if you would like to discuss further: 
Tel.: +44 (0) 330 1330 852 

"In-House" Training 

Would you like training delivered directly to your team or pod? 
We can deliver these courses "in-house” to your teams, saving you travel time and costs. We can also deliver tailored packages to suit your specific requirements. 
If you would like to discuss further please contact us on: 
Tel.: +44 (0) 330 1330 852 
The following are the details of courses that we run both as public courses and in-house training crouses when requested.  
(In alphabetical order) 
The art of good communication How to say what you mean and how to ask deep questions that help you understand what’s really important for your clients. Beyond the First Session Strategies for identifying, engaging and redirecting separating parents toward child-focused solutions. “Can Anyone Hear Me?” The Effects on Children Gain a deeper appreciation of the effects of separation and divorce on children. The Case That Really Got To Me A fantastic opportunity to address cases that have had a significant impact on your work. A ‘live’ group supervision workshop for Family Lawyers The Child in Parenting Coordination The Child in Parenting Coordination (Day 5 of the Parenting Coordination training) Communicating with others when things get tricky Understand and learn how to deal with the danger family professionals face of falling into the “One stop shop” trap, feeling you need to provide services and skillsets to clients you simply don’t have. Counselling Skills for Family Lawyers The aim of the course is not to make lawyers into counsellors, but rather to enrich their work with some instantly transferable skills. You will learn how restructuring what you present to clients can create benefits for them long after the case closes. Dealing with high conflict parents Dealing with high conflict parents (Days 3 & 4 of the Parenting Coordination training) Deeper Listening (Part 1) This one day course is aimed at helping family lawyers develop their essential listening skills by starting to deeply listen to themselves and to each other without interruption. Family Dynamics in Divorce & Separation Family Dynamics in Divorce & Separation (Day 6 of the Parenting Coordination training) Diploma in Family Law Supervision A modular training programme enabling successful candidates to provide individual supervision to other family lawyers. Family Law Supervision - Conversion Course Conversion training for qualified practitioners to supervise family lawyers First Aid for Family Lawyers Skills and strategies for engaging with clients more effectively First Aid for Separating Parents An introductory course inviting delegates to reflect upon how they can engage with parents who are facing separation and develop the insight and skills to help clients to deliver what their children need from them as a family changes its shape. Getting Together - Falling Apart Gain a greater understanding of the psychology of couple and family relationships before, during and after breakdown. Getting your clients to say "Yes" This workshop is intended to help those that offer mediation to understand what works, and what doesn’t work, in the visual design and writing of promotional materials. Handling Difficult People & Situations By reviewing & practising different approaches in a safe environment you will feel better equipped to use these techniques when “the chips are down”. Helping Parents to Co-operate This half day course is aimed at helping parent clients to cooperate and focus on children and families. Learn how to make a situation better for families in the future, rather than worse. How to Divorce a Narcissist This one day course is designed to help delegates understand the effect narcissism has on the lawyer/client relationship, between clients as well as every aspect of the family law system. How to Grow your DR/Collaborative Law Practice Designed for lawyers who have been trained in Collaborative Law/Mediation and want to attract more DR/Collaborative cases, this one-day workshop will offer specific strategies for building a successful practice. Identifying and Assessing Domestic Abuse Identifying and Assessing Domestic Abuse (Day 7 of the Parenting Coordination training) The Importance of Story Though we may think we have heard them all before in fact each story we hear is unique and will contain valuable insights into the person sitting in front of us. Introduction to the Enneagram The Enneagram is an extraordinarily accurate model of human personality, describing nine very different types of people.
An Introduction to MBTI An Introduction to Personality Differences using the MBTI. This 3 hour session is about learning more about yourself, based on the world renowned MBTI personality instrument. Keeping the family in mind An opportunity to draw our own family tree (genogram) and reflect on family scripts and communication patterns as a tool in our work with clients. The language of Collaborative uncertainty "How do I sell collaborative law and why aren’t my efforts working?" Managing Difficult People Nobody is ‘difficult’ except in the context of the relationship where their difficult behaviour occurs which can arise in many different settings. Remember we too are involved in the interaction. Marketing for Family Law Supervisors This two hour course is an exciting opportunity for those currently attending the Family Law Supervisor Course, or those who have already completed it to learn more about marketing their supervision offering and explore how to create a successful business Micro skills for lawyers: Engaging and containing Micro skills for lawyers is a two-day intensive course providing the skills for lawyers working with clients who present as intractable and seemingly unable to take advantage of the legal assistance they are being offered. Mind & Body Pit Stop Pyramid An interactive two-day workshop for family law professionals and associates who are looking to change their lives for a healthier one. Parenting Coordination Legal Framework Parenting Coordination Legal Framework (Day 8 of the Parenting Coordination training) Parenting Coordination Roadshow This free of charge evening seminar will provide a brief introduction to the new Parenting Coordination service being introduced into the UK. Parenting Coordination Techniques & Issues Parenting Coordination Techniques & Issues (Day 2 of the Parenting Coordination Training) Peaceful Communication Using NVR Ideas This experiential one day taster course on Non Violent Resistance (NVR) and attachment presents some of the key concepts involved in parents adopting an NVR approach in complex divorce situations. NVR provides a useful frame for acting with a consistent N Personality Preferences Course - MBTI Workshop Learn to use the MBTI Model to undertand yourself and others better Psychological processes in divorce The course presents and describes the key psychological processes that occur between clients and between clients and professionals during divorce and separation. Relational Mediation Relational Mediation is two-day, intensive course providing the skills for practitioners working with individuals at the beginning of the mediation process. The workshop, through the use of actors, will provide a strong practical focus on the subtle and d Supervision - The Nuts, the Bolts & the Boundaries A CPD course for qualified and training family law supervisors. Taking the Stress out of Family Law - You Matter This half day course is designed to deal with the stress of being a family lawyer whether that be prioritizing work, meeting deadlines, managing difficult clients, reaching targets, dealing with difficult bosses and also managing to obtain a work life bal Unconscious Contracts: Understanding Divorce This course introduces the participants to the unconscious processes involved in falling in love. It will provide an understanding of what goes wrong in relationships that leads partners to separate and divorce. The War Stories Seminar Every professional has experienced working with clients who have left him/her feeling scarred and possibly traumatised. This course offers the opportunity to consider these examples in detail from a psychological perspective and understand the nature of t What do you bring to the party? A unique opportunity to look afresh at the way you work, considering the skills needed to turn us from good, competent lawyers and mediators into ones who have the chance to flourish. What is Parenting Coordination? What is Parenting Coordination and how does it work? (Day 1 of the Parenting Coordination training) Working with the Other Side The course presents and describes the key psychological processes that occur between professionals in the course of working with clients and how these may reflect the psychological functioning of the client. The implications for the professional are exami Family Law Supervision - Interim Payment Stage payment for Family Law Diploma Course Supervision Away Day This annual awayday is intending for Faculty accredited supervisors only.
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