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Having worked for many years as a mediator and counsellor with couples and families in conflict, I understand the pressures of supporting clients who are feeling hurt, angry, fearful, or powerless (and often all those things) and the personal impacts the work can have on us as practitioners. 
I strongly believe in the value of good supervision in managing the stress of family law work, helping you to feel more in control of your own workload and better able to contain clients’ emotions. 
In supervision, my aim is to create a supportive and confidential space for you to offload, reflect and develop your skills as a family law practitioner. Supervision can help you to: 
‘walk around’ an issue, look at it from different angles and consider what’s going on for you, enabling you to come to your own understanding and ways forward 
consider boundaries and work/life balance 
understand clients’ emotions and unconscious messages 
reflect on and manage your own triggers 
think about how you position yourself in relation to clients and colleagues and understand your own part in the dynamic 
I am a practising, accredited Family Mediator, with 20 years’ experience. I have been a mediation Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) for 10 years, supervising both new and experienced mediators and was also, until recently, a Relate couples’ counsellor. 


‘Jill is all that you would want from a family law supervisor – she is a diligent and careful listener, understanding and compassionate. She is also prepared to provide gentle and helpful challenge where needed to encourage self-reflection. Jill offers a supportive place in which to explore the challenges of being a family lawyer without fear or judgement. Jill’s supervision has helped me to recognise the impact my work has on me, and she has provided tools for me to better manage those challenges. I have no doubt that this has in turn has helped me to be a better and more self-assured family lawyer.’ 
Associate, central London Family Law Practice 
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